Creative Names

Names are very important terms. They are not just like normal words that are used in a sentence. These are actually words that are used as identification. A lot of parents today are looking for unique names for their kids and soon to be children.

Choosing a name for a child usually takes a very long time and it also entails a lot of arguments between the husband and the wife. Most of the time, because the husband and the wife will not compromise and they really want their choice to be the name of the child, the kid will end up having a longer name since both choices will be officially in the baby’s record.

There are a lot of creative names that people have thought of today. A lot of inspiration can be drawn from the things that we normally see around but are rarely used as names.

In the past, a lot of people have the same first names but just differs in middle and last names. This is because those people have been influenced by culture and religion. Most Christians before always name their kids to a saint. That is why there are a lot of people named John, Mary and Joseph. Today, there are still a lot of people who pattern the names of their babies from biblical characters.

The Bible always gives names to the characters with a meaning behind it. That is why Christians also follow this tradition so that their kids will be able to imitate the values and the Christian beliefs as they are growing up. But of course, not all Christians follow this tradition. There are still a lot of people who would want to think outside of the box and use more creative names than the usual. Some of them even combine the names of two of their favorite biblical characters.

There are also a lot of people who use the names of their favorite celebrities for their kids. It is not surprising to have kids whose names are Brad and Angelina who were born in this generation. The parents of these kids might really love Hollywood and they found inspiration in their favorite actors and actresses. Another common trend in choosing creative names is by giving your kid a name of a fruit. It is not only creative but it is very fun too.

Imagine calling your kids apple, peaches and cherry. Your friends will surely love it and they might joke to you about turning them into a bowl of salad. There are also couples who would combine both of their names to form a single word. The names of famous people in history can also be used like Einstein and Newton.

Names do not only identify people but it also identifies businesses and items. Businessmen always make sure that they create catchy and creative names for their products so that the people will be attracted to it. It is a fundamental step in marketing and advertising that should not be missed. There are fast foods that use names of people like McDonalds. In marketing, business owners today must choose a name that will not only be catchy, but will reflect the business itself. This is what we call branding.

When you plan to go fun and creative with your business name, always make sure to get a list of all the companies so that you will not end up getting a law suit. Also, do not get carried away with the fun factor since business names can easily turn cheesy and gimmicky. Just keep it simple. Lastly, choose a business name where the domain is still available to help you in your campaigns.